What’s the difference of RCCB, RCBO and RCCB module?

The function of MAXGE’s RCCB is testing ground fault current when detected Fault current leakage current is more than the leakage when the tripping current RCCBs will loop Disconnect. It is important to note RCCBs does not have magnetic protection and short circuit protection

In addition to other protective components.Under the condition of RCCBs on-off capacity rating only up to 80A. In conclusion RCCBs only leakage protection and rated load current on and off.

With over-current protection of residual current circuit breaker. It is the Residual Current management circuit-Breakers with Integral Overcurrent protection


There are several functions of MAXGE RCBO:Protection of short-circuit protection, excessive protection and leakage protection.

Residual current circuit breaker module RCCB, the full name of this is the “Residual Current Circuit-Breakers”.


RCCB modules function is testing ground fault current when inspection. The failure of the current leakage current is greater than that of leakage. The small and unbound substation has issued a direct circuit of the small and small circuit Disconnect. It is a small thing that can’t be lost. One of the accessories of the circuit breaker is used. Must be equipped with corresponding small circuit breakers.The ordinary disconnecting device is used for the protection function.