To prevent “burning”, MAXGE Electric conducts fire safety drills

In order to strengthen fire safety management and prevent fires,

Enhance employees’ safety awareness and let employees understand and master the fire treatment process,

Improve the coordination and cooperation ability of employees in handling emergencies,

Enhance employees’ awareness of self-help and mutual help.


In the afternoon of August 12, 2020,

All employees of MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Carried out safety fire fighting drills and fire drills and rescue activities.


The exercise is divided into four parts:

Fire fighting knowledge training, escape drill, on-site simulation and actual operation;

The on-site simulation part is about emergency rescue knowledge such as fire fighting, escape, and dressing at the scene of a fire;

The actual operation part is to explain in detail the use of fire extinguishers and escape methods in the floors to the employees. 


The picture shows the emergency escape drill


The picture shows the emergency dressing exercise


The picture shows the fire fighting drill

Through emergency fire drills, employees’ on-site fire fighting and evacuation capabilities have been improved,

Strengthen employees’ skills in the correct use of fire-fighting equipment,

Make employees clearly aware of how to face emergencies,

It has played a positive role in the development of the company’s safety work.

This fire fighting training and fire drill combined theory and practice effectively,

Improved employees’ fire awareness and prevention skills,

Popularize fire protection knowledge and achieve better results,

This exercise also achieved a complete success,

It has laid a solid foundation for the efficient and orderly development of safe production in the future. 

Finally, let’s give you some tips on how to use fire extinguishers and fire safety tips.

Fire safety tips

Familiar with the environment, secretly remember the exit; the exit of the passage is unobstructed;

Put out small fires and benefit others; keep calm and evacuate quickly;

Don’t enter dangerous places, don’t be greedy for property; simple protection, nose creeping;

Make good use of the passage, do not enter the elevator; descend slowly to escape, slide the rope to save yourself;

Stay at the refuge area and wait for help; shake it slowly and ask for help;

The fire has reached your body, do not run away.