This summer, let “little migratory birds” be more loving | MAXGE Electric

On July 23, by MAXGE Electric,

Happy Fuxi Charity Foundation, Happy Fuxi Service Center,

Fuxi Street Cheng School, Qiushan Central School, Happy Neighborhood Center

The second theme co-hosted is

“Share a blue sky and prosper a hot land together”

Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Summer “Little Migratory Birds” Charity Class

Held in the administrative building of MAXGE Electric.


The public welfare class has received wide acclaim since it was first opened last year.

The second event this year also received strong support from all walks of life.

Social influence is also expanding,

It has gradually become one of the brand activities of Deqing High-tech Development Zone.


A welcome wall full of childishness


Well-arranged event venue


Cute and funny little animal decoration


Company leaders speak


Opening ceremony scene

According to statistics, more than 50 children of company employees participated in this event this year.

The oldest is 13 years old and the youngest is only 4 years old.

Therefore, the “little migratory birds” are divided into kindergarten classes and elementary school classes.

The activity address of the kindergarten class is in the meeting room on the first floor of the MAXGE company’s administrative building.

The address of the primary school class is Xingshan Auditorium.

The time is unified from July 23 to August 15, 2020.


The kids who do their homework are awesome


Primary school activity

This “Little Migratory Bird” class,

In addition to regular courses such as classic recitation and picture book reading,

There are also talent courses such as creative art and hand-making.

As well as fun activities accompanied by parents on weekends.


A group photo of the little migratory birds with their parents, leaders and teachers

A carefully prepared event,

Is to let the children spend a fulfilling summer vacation,

It also conveys the temperature of the city,

From staying behind to getting together, I hope that the “little migratory birds” can stay

Plant seeds of hope, improve core literacy, and grow up healthy and happy.