The first “Little Migratory Birds” public welfare class of MAXGE ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. began!

It’s the midsummer of a year, when the students’ summer vacation is overwhelming…


With the summer vacation approaching , the “migratory birds” flying to MAXGE Electric have become more and more, they brought thoughts to their parents and expected their vacations from their hometowns,gathered in DeQing, a beautiful city. These two months each year are the busiest time of parents in MAXGE Electric. They must ensure their work and take care of their children,often tired and exhausted.


On July 22, 2019, MAXGE Electric , Fuxi Service Center, Fuxi Street School, Qiushan Central School and Fuxi Street Comprehensive Cultural Station jointly established the “little migratory birds” public welfare class with the theme of “sharing a blue sky and a hot land together”.This activity is intended to help children further consolidate cultural knowledge and improve their overall quality during the summer vacation, so that they can develop their moral, intellectual, and artistic development, but also for the hard-working parents to reduce the “negative”.


On the morning of July 22nd, the children and parents of MAXGE Electric and the teachers of public welfare class gathered together for a brief and wonderful opening ceremony. The teacher announced the course time, content and attention of the first “Little Migratory Birds” class, MAXGE Electric, the leaders in the Street Service wished the successful completion of the public welfare class and distributed teaching materials to children. The public welfare teachers were composed of professional teachers, social enthusiasts and volunteers from the Street.


The first is the essay guidance given by Fang Jianping,teacher’s vivid teaching method has improved the children’s ability to express their language and let the children integrate into the story, contributed to the writing interest and enthusiasm, so that the parents who are listening to often give a thumbs-up.


Next is the children’s favorite paper-cutting and origami courses.Started with the simple five-pointed star paper cutting and common paper crane origami, Ji Chunxia explained patiently while demonstrating the production skills and details.The curious eyes of the children stared intently at teacher Ji’s dexterous hands, for fear of missing any subtle movements.


During the break, Maxge Electric also prepared nutritious drinks and seasonal fruits for teachers and children.


The musician Xian Xinghai once said, “Music is the greatest happiness of life;Music is a clear spring in life;Music is the melting pot of character.”Teacher Shen Yanping brought a wonderful vocal music lecture and training for children who love music.


Accompanied by the pleasant piano sound, a children’s song “small bridge and flowing water”, let the children dance with the song, express their inner feelings.She provided children with a key to knocking on the music door, letting children sing in the sound of music, and highlighting the optimistic, cheerful and lively character of the children in the beautiful song.
“Perfection,ascend to virtue” is the core competitiveness of MAXGE Electric. Intelligent manufacturing, intelligent electric and intelligent life are the corporate mission of Maxge Electric. The“Little Migratory Birds”summer public welfare class is completely accords with the core idea of Maxge Electric, will make the activities of the event better and develop children into the pillars of building a smart society in the future.


This “Little Migratory Birds” activity will last for one month. The event has been highly praised by our company’s employees and the community. Through a variety of activities and educational activities, the “Little Migratory Birds” will have a safe, happy and meaningful holiday. To make them feel friendship and happiness in a relaxed and enjoyable study environment, provide a platform for collective communication, also set an model for other companies in the community to open up new ideas!