Switch on to te future,MAXGE International lighting exhibition in Frankfurt


On March 18, 2018 ~ 23, MAXGE electric to ” Switch on to te future ” as the theme at international lighting fair in Frankfurt.


Germany international pavilion, together with the world’s top lighting brands show users worldwide in the field of low voltage electrical lighting supporting the advanced achievements. 


As the only low-voltage electric company in China, meko has continued to deepen its international development strategy and “practice the Chinese dream” with practical action and link the world with the light of wisdom.


In this exhibition, the high electrical to display its unique digital integration way in 2018, the latest research and development of household electrical matching circuit breaker series products, 


The product series satisfy family and business users to easily huang jing’s different application, and by the high electric multiple sales market of the five continents in the whole world,


For more than 50 countries customers with intelligent integral form a complete set of low voltage electrical solutions, using power to Switch on to te future.