Smart cities are the key information that uses information and communication technology to sense, analyze, and integrate the core systems of urban operations. Thereby responding intelligently to various needs including people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities.

Its essence is to use advanced information technology to achieve smart management and operation of the city. In turn, it will create a better life for people in the city and promote the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.

Smart cities are based on a combination of networks such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, telecommunications networks, broadcasting networks, and wireless broadband networks.
A new model of urban development with high integration of smart technology, high-end development of smart industry, and intelligent service and convenience.

Wisdom is another new breakthrough in the world science and technology revolution after industrialization, electrification and informationization. The use of smart technology to build smart cities is the trend and characteristics of urban development in today’s world.

Smart Cities
Smart Cities

Smart Cities Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is like a vascular network that spreads throughout the city and connects each of them. Every part of a smart city needs to be connected to each other so that they can communicate with each other. And make decisions that are right for managing the resources of the metropolitan population.
This is where the Internet of Things works, providing a perfect template for intelligent solutions to everyday problems. All smart solutions in smart cities are based on the Internet. With the Internet they can be connected and smart enough to make decisions about their actions.

MAXGE has developed intelligent circuit breakers. The circuit breaker has excellent short circuit protection inherent in high quality circuit breakers. Leakage Protection. Super segmentation capabilities and other functions.

At the same time, the accuracy of overload and overcurrent protection is improved. Added functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage protection, and electricity metering reference.

Features such as manual switch, leakage protection and short circuit protection even when the circuit can only be turned off

In the U.S. According to the statistics of the CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) in 1998. More than 40,000 fires are caused each year due to aging of distribution lines. Caused direct economic losses of 1.68 billion US dollars.

An arc fault protection device developed by MAXGE. It is assembled by miniature circuit breaker, trip structure, leakage and arc detection module.

It has short circuit protection. Overload protection. Leakage protection and arc fault protection. It detects the zero-sequence current transformer current through a chip test program. Realize leakage protection. The arc fault is detected according to the chip inspection program. That is, the power is turned off, which acts as an arc fault protection.

This product is commonly used in large supermarkets. business building. Department store. hospital. AIRPORT. Textile mill. Treasury. Dangerous goods are cruel. Branch circuit protection for distribution systems such as residential buildings.

In 2017, European solar energy showed signs of recovery. Some countries have reported large increases in data, and some new markets are beginning to realize the possibility of photovoltaics.

According to IHS Markit, the installed capacity of solar-powered grids in Europe in 2017 was 8.61 GW, an increase of 28% year-on-year, the highest level in five years.

Under the construction of smart cities, clean energy is vigorously promoted. The situation of photovoltaics becoming more and more popular. MAXGE seized the opportunity to develop a range of photovoltaic products.