MAXGE’s Intelligence and Excellent Quality into 2019 Hannover Messe

2019 Hannover Messe was held from April 1st to 5th.There are 6 exhibitions in different product themes, which not only shows the achievements of industrial innovation, but also promotes the communication between enterprises and customer development for them.


As a smart factory, MAXGE is always devoted to making the best-quality breakers in China by the increasingly intelligent technology and digital information, leading to a big transformation in production management and the methods of product development.


Hannover Messe, as an annual international event in Germany, is able to attract some biggest names. Prime Minister, Merkel, is certainly one of them.  


And, the industry leader and former Director of Germany Academy of Engineering, Mr. Kong Hanning, who is honored as the Father of “Industry 4.0, also comes to attend the grand fair.


There are nearly 6,500 exhibitors from 73 countries and regions, including 1,653 Chinese exhibitors that accounts for nearly 1/4 of the total amount.


Huawei, as a Chinese leader in technology and innovation, absolutely deserves its place at the exhibition.


This exhibition mainly focuses on the construction of the future intelligent factory founded on the combination of production and AI.

The low-voltage electrical industry leaders like Schneider, ABB, Siemens and IBM all showed off their own latest achievements on the exhibition.


In the future, more than 95% of the work in the intelligent factory will be completed by AI manipulator while the people just need to keep a regular operation of the equipment.


A great variety of MAXGE products attracts many clients for a look in the crowded booth.


MAXGE’s Industrial Power Distribution Solutions.


A full set of solutions to the new smart home.


Sandeep, senior Electrical Engineer of MAXGE, is introducing customers our intelligent production unit and how it could be applied to the future factory where a new serial products for remote data transfer will be developed by technological innovation.


The salesman is showing the products to customers in many aspects, such as product consistency, 100% product qualification and several international certifications.


Tens of thousands of corporations in the world now are taking active measures to face the industrial revolution challenges by digitization and technicalization for the improvement on business performance and efficiency.

And, a large-scale customization pattern is becoming more and more popular among the global industrial circles. In the face of such a global trend, MAXGE ELECTRIC firmly picks up the powerful weapons of AI technology and informatization management to improve the efficiency and win the best performance.


At this exhibition, MAXGE displays the latest ALPHA series products. A flexible and high-efficiency digital system enables MAXGE to provide customers with more and more new solutions in the field of low-voltage power distribution.10-15

At this exhibition, MAXGE ELECTRIC not only attracts more attention from the world but also receives a lot of orders. Besides, many clients have made an appointment to visit us on the next Canton Fair held on April 15th in Guangzhou.

See you there on April 15th .