MAXGE will meet you with Quality and Intelligence at the 125th Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, known as Canton Fair, was founded on the spring of 1957 and will be held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou. It is jointly sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong provincial government. Canton Fair, honored as China’s Exhibition No.1, is a comprehensive international trade event with characteristics of the longest history, the highest level and the largest scale. Besides, it shows thehighest diversity of commodities, the largest number of purchasers and the most business deals. Since the 101st session in 2007, the Canton Fair has not only changedits name to the current, but also become an Import&Export platform for trade from a single export one.9

The 125th Canton Fair will be divided into 51 exhibition areas by 16 product categories. And it has a total of 59,651 booths, including 12,125 brand booths whichaccounts for 20.33% and 47,526 general booths accounting for 79.67%.9-1

There are 24,846 exhibitors, 8,708 exhibitors in the first phase, 7,511 in the second phase, and 8,627 in the third phase.


MAXGE ELECTRIC mainly aims to develop the products with highest technology and bestcost performance, and becomes more and more favored by the international market. In recent years, by the good policy of China’s Belt and Road, its export volume is keepinggrowing. The whole MAXGE families have great confidence in this Canton Fair. 


It is 9 am and our team are ready and waiting for the customers from all over the world!


Our booth is fully occupied in just ten minutes with buyers from all over the world.

On Market Development,

Firstly, innovate on global marketing.

Make an accurate advertising for the global brand promotion through search engines and six internationally renowned social media like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Secondly, carry out professional and accurate investment activities.

Based on the target market, go for the international professional electrical exhibitions indifferent countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.

Thirdly, integrate resources and provide better services.

Deepen the cooperation and relationship with important customers and provide thempersonalized services.


On Technology Development and Production Management,

First, bring in more technical talents and sophisticated equipment.

Employ very experienced senior electrical engineer with high-paying in the world who has the working experience in leading enterprises. Bring in outstanding graduates from home and abroad for practical training. Import sophisticated CNC equipment from Germany and Sweden to meet the development of MAXGE smart factory.


The second is to strengthen the construction of hardware facilities and the software forproduction management.

Build a laboratory with tens of thousands square meters on CNAS standard to meet the needs of technology research and quality inspection. circuit breaker, And, a future smart factory will also need to be built on international leading standard, and to purchase automatic integrated equipment such as AI robotic arms to ensure product consistency.


Combine and clarify all the procedures(transportation storage, material control, production assembly, quality inspection and global distribution) by ERP system to form anintelligent production and sales.9-8

On Brand Construction,

First, build a clear framework for brand construction and make the corresponding regulations.


Second, make better brand manuals such as MI, BI, VI, and SI, for better visual and figure convey.


Thirdly, improve brand recognition of MAXGE in the world by project involvement, public welfare activities and advertisement.

As China’s policy of “One Belt and Road” develops, more and more buyers regard the Canton Fair as a regular event that they will participate in every year. MAXGE ELECTRIC, on the first day of the fair, fortunately won big orders and reached businesscooperation with many large international corporations.


As China becomes more and more powerful in the world, MAXGE will be a world-classelectrical brand as wished.