Maxge Will Make Its First Appearance at EP Shanghai

The EP Shanghai exhibition is a famous and influential one in the Chinesepower industry. Maxge’s booth is adjacent to Huawei, which is the Chinese No. 1 export brand. Maxge’s booth is designed by senior Spain interior designers. Welcome to visit Maxge’s booth with the booth number of 3G21 form 6-8 NOV 2019  (Stadium N3) ( Chinese stadium) 


Currently Maxge is dedicated to researching and developing intelligent and energy saving products.

Solar energy is an important part of the future new energy. Maxge provides multiple solutions for PV solar series. Multiple products produced by Maxge have acquired international certifications, like combiner box, circuit breaker with DC type, MCCB, surge protection, fuse, specified disconnector, safety protection module and so on.


Power utilization with wisdom is a trend of development for the global safety and energy conservation. Maxge attaches great importance to the intelligent circuit breaker, which is inlaid with multiple communication modules, like TCP/IP, RS485, Zigbee and Lora, based on Alibaba cloud database. This kind of circuit breaker could meet different requirements of the Internet and dedicated LAN.

The voltage and current of the circuit breaker could be monitored and controlled by different mobile terminals, like cellphone, PAD or PC. This product is widely used for apartment, hotel, house, factory, office and other public places. 


MAXGE electric also has a good performance in the field of home intelligent control, which can provide a complete set of solutions for customers.


The other products researched and developed independently by Maxge are competitive in the European and American market, like MCB, RCCB, RCBO, MCCB, distribution box, A.C. contactor, ACB and so on.


The floor space of Maxge’s factory building is more than 80000m2. The hardware equipment, like completely automatic production line and intelligent quality testing devices, are available. The products produced by Maxge have been exporting to sixty countries with the effort of all the employees. Maxge has branch offices in the UK, Hong kong, Spain and other areas. The annual turnover of Maxge is about 60 million dollars.