MAXGE Electric will attend the 2019 Hanover

The 72nd HANNOVER MESSE will be held on April 1st at the Hanover Exhibition Center.


HANNOVER MESSE is not only the largest scale exhibition in the world, but also with high technology items on display. It is recognized as one of the important platforms for global industrial design, manufacturing, technology application and international trade. In terms of the last exhibition, there are more than 5,000 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions including China, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Turkey, France, India, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Singapore, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan, attracting more than 200,000 people to visit.


At this exhibition, MAXGE Electric will display the latest products independently developed for the Hannover market, such as MCB, MCCB, AFDD and Smart Home Solutions. Our booth number is H12, G65-6.


 a. Sophisticated inner core and logical magnetic coil for quick protection.
 b. Two connection modes: By Cables and Busbars for more firmness.
 c. Ventilating design for quicker cooling and stability.
 d. Stickers available under transparent protective cover for rooms recognition.
 e.Thermosetting and anti-flaming shell for carbonization when fired
 f. Automatic close with less electric spark for extended working life of appliances.
 g. Protection degree: IP20—To guarantee a safe and reliable connection.
 h. Stain-resistance:  Level Ⅲ—To prevent dust and conductive pollution


 a. 4 optional breaking capacities; A variety of frame currents

 b. Modular assembly and complete accessories.

 c. Flexible Mounting & Connection: Plug-in, Rear Connection

 d. Good conductivity

 e. Thermosetting and flame retardant shell for carbonization when fired

 f. Two optional poles: 3P and 4P for more applications.

 g. Optional ground fault protection

 h. More settings for more accurate protection


a. Control electric circuits.
b. Protect people against indirect contacts and additional 
c. protection against direct contac
d. Protect installations against fire hazard due to insulation faults.
e. Residual current circuit breakers are used in housing, tertiary
f. sector and industry.


a. It performs good and stable on electrical conductivity with silver alloy contacts.

 b. Its copper coil is not easy to turn hot and burn out

 c. High quality flame-retardant shell ensures stable performance and safety

 d.32 pieces of high quality silicon steel core for smoother suction and stronger loading capacity