MAXGE electric power will help the 2017 Electricx power show in EGYPT

5-11 Dec : 11:00am – 07:00 PM local time

The 2017 Electricx power show is in Egypt, one of the four ancient civilizations


The exhibition is located at the international conference center in nasr, Cairo, which attracts many famous international electrical and electronic industry giants.


ABB, CHINT and so on


The exhibition attracted a large number of buyers from all over the world.


MAXGE electrical booth entrance gold location, adjacent to ABB group.


MAXGE electric made full preparation before the exhibition goods intelligent solar power distribution type, molded case circuit breaker series mainly covers the entire field of low voltage power distribution, otherwise the latest 2017 C65 of new type circuit breaker for the star product.


Since the launch of MAXGE electric, the company has been in the market, with customers from various countries including the united Arab emirates, yemen, Lebanon and bahrain.

Due to MAXGE electric highly automated production equipment and independent research and development of new products to attract a large number of customers, the number of visiting far beyond expectations, the employees of the local high customer manager and Egypt in the international connection MAXGE laboratory at the same time to answer customer care product technical problems.


MAXGE electric this exhibition is very successful! At the scene, we have a good head for Chinese exhibitors. After the negotiation, we will have a group photo with the customers.


Finally, I sincerely wish all Chinese exhibitors to get more orders and develop more customers in this exhibition!