MAXGE ELECTRIC new employee safety and quality training

3.14pm In the MAXGE ELECTRIC conference room, new employees were trained in safety production and quality in 2018.


In order to improve the safety quality of the workforce, improve the awareness of employees on the importance of safety in production, enhance the sense of responsibility for safe production, improve the awareness of employees in observing rules and regulations and labor discipline, and strengthen the legal concept of safe production, and improve the safety of employees. Technical knowledge level, proficiency in operational technical requirements and ability to prevent and handle accidents. The company’s responsible security leader introduced the knowledge of safety production, mainly related to fire fighting and electricity use.


Enterprises strive for survival and development with quality, and quality consciousness is the ideological foundation for the survival and development of enterprises. The leader of the company responsible for production talks about the importance of product quality


In the process of survival and development in the fierce market competition, product quality is the most difficult to control and most prone to happen. Therefore, how to effectively carry out process control is to ensure product quality and improve product quality, promote the development of enterprises and win the market.


We believe that through the half-day training, new employees of MAXGE ELECTRIC will have a new understanding of the company.