MAXGE Electric Hongzhi Public Welfare Fund, help the revitalization of Guizhou Dongdi Village

On July 13,MAXGE Electric Technology Co.,Ltd.

with Grassroots Committee of Deqing County and Fuxi Sub-district of Deqing County 

form the Poverty Alleviation Team, going deep into Dongdi Village 

to carry out the activity of “Working Together to Help Rural Rejuvenation”.

Village revitalization

Poverty alleviation and support the wisdom

As a national high-tech enterprise, MAXGE Electric knows the importance of education. 

To this end, the “MAXGE Hongzhi Public Welfare Fund” was specially established, 

rely on the foundation to establish an education fund, help local poverty and outstanding students.

wisdom support

Poverty alleviation and provide the jobs

With stable employment, there will be stable income.

In this concentric activity, our company specially brings dozens of jobs, 

such as general worker, warehouse management, quality inspection, etc.

job provide

As a big love enterprise of Fuxi Public Welfare Fund in Fuxi Sub-district, 

MAXGE Electric, basing on the development of enterprises, 

fully using the advantages of private enterprises, 

not only actively participate in various public welfare undertakings, 

at the same time, drive employees and surrounding enterprises to join the public welfare project, 

gradually forming public welfare into a long-term mechanism. 

Interpretation the corporate spirit of “Pursue Perfection, Ascend to Virtue” with charity action.