MAXGE ELECTRIC held a friendly basketball

2017.11.15, MAXGE basketball friendly was held in the company stadium, and all departments responded positively and organized teams to participate in the competition. 


Outside cheerleaders were more enthusiastic, and cheers and shouts warmed the basketball game. All the athletes, referees, outstanding staff and a live audience, staff to do a good job of logistics, the referee impartially, the high electrical all the players played a real friendship first, competition second the spirit, out of style, race out of level.


After an afternoon of intense competition, the golden bull team finally defeated the golden elephant team by 2 points! The highlight of this competition is that the players are fully displaying the spirit of the United States and the spirit of the game. 


They can fully sweat and show themselves in the field. The team spirit of the first team is worth learning from all the employees present. 


The basketball game not only enriched the employees’ amateur style, but also aroused the enthusiasm of the staff to devote themselves to sports work. 


Embodies the our company has always advocated the spirit of enterprise, pay attention to cultivate employees’ comprehensive qualities and strengthen the further implement of enterprise culture, promote the friendship between the employees, cultivate the spirit of solidarity and collaboration. 


The game has achieved the desired effect, and with the unique charm of basketball, we have demonstrated the vigor and vitality of our employees.


In the future, the company will continue to be in line with the style of rich employees for the purpose of life from the perspective of the mental and physical health of the employees, the more rich and colorful style activities better, filling my company culture construction, promote the high electrical rapid development.