MAXGE Electric conducts fire safety drill, tightens the life “safety valve”!


Taking safety first, prevention as the mainstay, comprehensive management as the concept, strengthening the concept of safety development, and improving the safety of employees is the long-term production policy of MAXGE Electric.In order to effectively strengthen daily safety work, improve safety and fire quality, safety prevention and self-rescue capabilities of all employees, and timely eliminate fire safety hazards, MAXGE Electric conducted a fire safety drill on August 22,2019.


Before the drill, the production and administrative department of our company, together with the actual situation of the company, make the drill activity plan carefully, and clarify the relevant responsibilities of each department, thus providing a practical guarantee for the success of the drill.The main contents of the drill training include: explaining the fire extinguishing method when the fire accident occurs; notifying the layout of the company’s fire protection facilities; conducting a live demonstration of the use of the fire extinguishing device and the use of the fire hydrant, and organizing the actual operation; Emergency evacuation and escape methods will be explained and on-site drills.


First, with the sound of alarm, the responsible person organized all employees quickly entered the emergency evacuation state.Under the leadership of security guards, all employees covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and handkerchiefs, and orderly evacuated the workshop building according to the fire safety evacuation sign.The whole emergency drill was standardized, orderly, compact and efficient. All reached the designated safe position quickly and orderly according to the escape route set by the evacuation drill plan.

Subsequently, Deqing fire squadron instructor, Mr. Zhu demonstrated the correct use of fire extinguishers, steps and fire fighting posture.The employees conducted the exercise project using a dry powder fire extinguisher and three people’s one-shaped dry powder fire extinguisher for actual fire fighting. It was mainly used for initial fire fighting and has a good fighting effect on solid and electric fires.


At last, there is a three-person single-shaped water-steam fire-fighting basic subject drill, which is mainly used for fire fighting and extinguishing with a long distance and sudden fierce fire. It consists of a water dragon belt deployment and a water gun connection.


In this drill, the commanders were calm, the employees were agile, and the drills of the scheduled subjects were completed satisfactorily, which strengthened the ability of our employees to deal with emergencies and the spirit of unity and cooperation.Through this fire drill, a practical simulation training was provided for emergency personnel, which made the emergency personnel familiar with the necessary emergency operations, further enhanced the employees’ awareness of prevention and emergency escape and self-rescue, and provided valuable experience guarantee for the real emergency response.Further strengthen company’s safety awareness, test the feasibility and operability of the fire plan, which played a powerful role in promoting emergency command, coordination and processing capabilities, and laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future.