MAXGE Electric and Dubai wipe out the “sparks” of electricity


The 43rd dubai international electric power, lighting and new energy exhibition (MEE) opened at the dubai international exhibition center on March 6. The company is equipped with a smart home system and a new type of solar power distribution equipment.


MEE is hosted by the energy and industry department of the united Arab emirates (uae). It is the most influential power and new energy professional event in the world. It is honored as one of the world’s top five industrial events. With more than 70,000 square meters of exhibition area, thousands of excellent power and lighting enterprises in the world participated in the exhibition and attracted more than 50,000 visitors from 114 countries and regions.


Is committed to be a world-class electric brand enterprise of MAXGE, this exhibition for the Middle East market demand, mainly introduced new products, such as solar pv junction box and intelligent home solutions and full range of products by customers.

From the united Arab emirates, Iraq, dubai, Syria and other countries to electric power, the energy department’s buyers have stop to exhibition booth, with MAXGE electrical technical personnel has carried on the detailed communication and understanding, and express the intention of cooperation.


The Middle East international electric power, lighting and new energy expo was held in 1975. With the steady growth of international trade in the Middle East, the Middle East electric power show attracts more and more relevant professionals and senior people to visit.


MEE, an annual exhibition area of about 80,000 square meters. Nearly 2,000 enterprises from more than 66 countries have participated in the exhibition, and 24 countries have gathered together. More than 300 Chinese enterprises have participated in the exhibition, with a net area of 5,000 square meters. In 2017, 21,214 people from 131 countries and regions visited the site. At the 43rd MEE in 2018, the exhibits will cover the entire electric power industry, including power generating sets, transmission and transformation equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, power lines and cables, circuit breakers, electricity meter boxes, power distribution cabinets, power supply and so on.


International electric industry giants ABB, Siemens, lg and other enterprises participated in the electric power event.


The MAXGE electric booth is located in the international electric power area.


MAXGE electric Middle East region business manager to do the product detailed solutions for customers!


National purchasers, customers and the reception manager of MAXGE booth to take a group photo!


Looking at the world map as an enterprise, along the “One Belt And One Road”, the international layout of the us has been accelerating in recent years. With the help of the Middle East electric power show and other platforms, the company has continuously expanded its sales channels and reached cooperation with many industry partners. As the center of commerce and trade in the Middle East, dubai is located in the crossroads of east and west, and is also an important transportation hub for west Asia, north Africa and Europe. With the deepening of China “area” initiative, the silk road once again become a world map well versed in Chinese and western, and promote exchanges and cooperation of the gold line, the Middle East as a strategic fulcrum “area”, will give Chinese companies, including the high, constantly bring new historical opportunity of “going out”.