“Little migratory birds” public welfare class closed


With the arrival of the opening season, the “Little Migratory Birds” charity class event ended in the summer of nearly one month, and the closing ceremony was held in the conference room of MAXGE Electric.


Mr. Peng Sufu, Chairman of MAXGE Electric, President Shen of Akiyama Central School, and President Luo of Chengxi Cheng School attended the scene as special guests, and the children representatives put on red scarves for three big friends.


The children performed poetry readings


The two principals issued a certificate of completion and issued a certificate of completion, and took a group photo.

The county customs work committee also brought stationery items such as stationery gift boxes.


At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Peng Sufu, Chairman of MAXGE Electric, delivered a speech. In the end, Mr. Peng Sufu mentioned that he hopes to open the small migratory birds of Meco to the outdoors, open to the outside of the province, and open the characteristics of the United States, truly reflecting the values of the Americans: Perfect and beautiful, high talent!