Laba porridge offering charity events

The Laba festival,comes from a traditional Chinese festival that is celebrated on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.The original intention was to sacrifice ancestors and gods, to pray for a good harvest, good fortune and to avoid evil. There is a custom of eating porridge on Laba festival.


In order to inherit and carry forward Chinese traditional folk culture, carry forward the fine tradition of good deeds, and express people’s beautiful wishes of praying for happiness, health, and good fortune, Maxge Electric sponsored the Shanyuan Social Service Center to hold a Laba porridge offering charity event.


△ Maxge Volunteers


△ Xingshan Community

   When talking about the event with the person in charge of Shanyuan, she said with emotion: “Eating a bowl of Laba porridge on the Laba Festival is just a serious Laba Festival. It’s not only an expression of love and warmth, but also an inheritance of traditional Chinese culture.”


△ Moganshan Sanatorium


△ A Group photo of Maxge volunteers in Qiushi Middle School


△ A group photo of Maxge volunteers and children


△ Maxge Electric Mr. Peng warmly distributed Laba porridge


△ Qiushan Kindergarten  Maxge volunteers take photos with children

What is the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture?
The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation refer to the excellent moral heritage handed down from 5,000 years of Chinese history, which is influential, inheritable, innovative and beneficial to the next generation.


The reason why Maxge will actively sponsor and participate in this event is the theme and center of this event are in perfect harmony with the corporate value: Perfection, Ascend to virtue.

Mei: Perfection – Excellence  It means that Maxge requires employees to do everything with their heart.

Gao: Ascend to virtue – Virtue promotes Growth  It means that Maxge requires employees to be virtuous.

7-10A bowl of Laba porridge warms a city. No matter where you are, there will always be someone who will set you up for dusk and ask you how warm it is. It’s grateful to the organizer: Shanyuan Social Service Center, and the maker: Xingshan Temple. We also thankful for our Maxge volunteers for ensuring the smooth running of this charity event.