International Olympic Day

It is known to all that Olympic games is held every four years and it presents the highest level of athletes. In 1948, The International Olympic Committee decided to named June 23rd as the International Olympic Day, which was to in honor of the committee’s establishment in Paris. Nowadays, the spirit of Olympic games is shared by the world.


Olympic games is the biggest stage for most athletes, because the world is watching this great event. If the athletes defeat other competitors and stand in the highest place, they will be famous around the world and win the great reputation. So every athlete practice so hard and they want to show themselves and prove themselves to be the strongest ones. 

The spirits of Olympic games are mutual understanding, friendship and fair competition. The one who wins by unfair way will be punished by the public, because we need the real heroes. The stories moved us are happening between the competitors’ respect to each other. Though there is only one winner, no matter what result is, friendship comes first, that’s  Olympian games try to advocate most.