Good beginning in 2019!

Facing of the complex and ever-changing domestic and international environment in year 2018, we MAXGE Electric fully understands the strategic significance of China’s “One Belt, One Road”, promoting common development, achieving common prosperity, getting win-win cooperation, enhancing understanding of trust, and strengthen all-round communication. With the leadership and policy support of our local government Huzhou, we have achieved remarkable results in many aspects such as business growth, brand enhancement, product and trade expansion!


Year 2018 MAXGE ELECTRIC CO. Was rated as:

  1. Zhejiang province Contract-honoring company
  2. Zhejiang province innovative demonstration SME
  3. Zhejiang province clean production enterprise
  4. Zhejiang province export brand
  5. Huzhou city informatization and industrialization fusion demonstration enterprise
  6. Huzhou city green factory
  7. Development economic contribution award
  8. Economic development award
  9. informatization and industrialization fusion management innovation award
  10. Technical gazelle enterprise
  11. Enterprise bigger and stronger award
  12. Marketing development award

In year 2018 we MAXGE also participated in the formulation of relevant national and industry standards such as:
GB/Z 36281-2018 Residual current protection device combined with additional functions. Published in 2018-06-07 and implemented in 2019-01-01.
NB/T 42149-2018 Miniature circuit breaker with remote control RC-MCB.
Published in 2018-04-03 and implemented in 2018-07-01.
NB/T 42150-2018 Low voltage surge protector special protection equipment.
Published in 2018-04-03 and implemented in 2018-07-01.


In year 2018, MAXGE Electric was recognized by the government and the community, and its efforts were inseparable.First of all, MAXGE invested a lot of money in product development and technological innovation, A 30,000 square meter modern industrial plant infrastructure is ready. Purchased some equipment and instruments  of CNAS standard laboratories.this year also more than a dozen new product patent declarations have been completed, and many products have obtained the certificate of VDE, the top international certification body.