EPB63 series circuit breaker

The EPB63 series circuit breaker is newly developed by MAXGE Electric and has excellent current limiting characteristics. Its current limiting characteristics are better than those specified in the IEC60898 standard.


Ml-level current limiting requirements, which means that the EPB63 circuit breaker minimizes the thermal effects of cables and fault points when a short circuit occurs, which not only improves the safety of the electrical system, but also reduces the impact of the fault on the system and equipment, and The effect of the short circuit on the circuit breaker itself is also reduced, and the electrical life of the circuit breaker is greatly improved.

Excellent breaking characteristics

The breaking capacity of the circuit breaker is the most important and most important electrical indicator of the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is at the limit.

The reliability in the case of breaking is related to the safety of low-voltage systems, equipment and even people. At the same time, breaking

The characteristics are also an important basis for judging the technical level, manufacturing process and product quality of the circuit breaker.


All series are used, thermosetting flame-retardant shell, no melting point, no burning, will only gradually carbonize when exposed to fire, safe and worry-free.

Isolation function

The epb63 series circuit breaker complies with the IEC60947-2/GB14048.2 standard with isolation function circuit breaker

    Fully charged with safety regulations, fully meet the requirements for isolating appliances:

    Impact withstand voltage 6kV

    The green stripe of the handle shows that the contact is in a broken state.

    Disconnected position can be locked

    Good impact resistance

Fast closing technique

The epb63 series circuit breakers use a quick-close design, and the closure of the contacts is independent of the operator’s operation.

The design will significantly reduce the impact of the arc on the contacts during operation and improve the electrical life of the circuit breaker.

When the load type is a high impact load such as a motor or a transformer, the quick closing technique makes it effective and

The advantages are even more obvious.

Multiple electrical accessories

The EPB63 series can be equipped with a variety of electrical accessories, such as OF auxiliary contacts, SD alarm contacts, etc.

MX or MX+OF shunt trip unit, MN or MN1 undervoltage trip unit, MV overvoltage trip unit, etc.

Remote monitoring and control of the circuit breaker is achieved.

Installation wiring

The epb63 series circuit breaker  uses tunnel terminals, which makes it easy to get the wires into the correct position.

Firmly added, it can effectively reduce the heating and burning of the terminals caused by poor connection.