2018 Shanghai Smart Home Exhibition

From September 3rd to 5th, as the most important and influential professional exhibition in China’s smart home industry, 2018 Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition (SSHT) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition (SIBT) ) It is held in the same period.


SSHT is positioned as a “smart home technology integrated platform” covering all aspects of the smart home field, including the Internet, cloud platform technology, intelligent hardware, operation interface, and smart home solutions.

As the main platform of China’s smart home, Shanghai International Smart Home SSHT is constantly upgrading, and its position in the field of intelligence is gradually improving.


Intelligent Building:

Building automation systems and products, building energy efficiency and energy management systems and products, smart community management systems and products, smart home systems and products, public official and conference systems and products, security access control systems and products, hotel intelligent systems and products, Intelligent sunshade systems and products, integrated wiring systems and products, electrical and electrical products.


Smart home:

Intelligent lighting control system, home heating and fresh air system, home audio and video system, home security and building intercom, smart sunshade and electric curtains, smart home appliances and intelligent hardware products, cloud platform technology and solutions, home wiring system, network And wireless control systems, home energy management systems, home health and medical systems, smart community management systems and products, smart home system integration.

MAXGE Electric sent relevant staff to go to the study to learn about the relevant smart home information and develop a matching intelligent circuit breaker product.